Hyper-Hypothermia Systems

Hyper-Hypothermia Systems

Targeted Temperature Management

Managed hyper-hypothermia as an effective alternative to the traditional methods of cooling and warming of the patient’s body

Managed hyper-hypothermia has long been an effective alternative to the traditional methods of patient body cooling and warming.

Helping the body cope with various abnormal conditions and reduce the risk of possible complications are the main tasks which such systems solve successfully.

Another important phase of the perioperative period is maintaining the target body temperature of the patient, or normothermia.

To solve these tasks, we suggest a wide range of products from the world leading manufactures, such as Gentherm (USA), also known as Cincinnati Sub-Zero, and Stihler Electronic (Germany).

A huge range of consumables for the equipment ensure comfortable and effective therapy, including therapy for newborns.

Prevention of decubitus ulcers is another important task that can be solved by using special mattresses and pads.

The design of the devices allows their usage in different hospital departments, including operating theaters, intensive care units, pediatric departments, recovery rooms, and many others.