Warm infusions and transfusions help protect your patient from hypothermia in the Operating Room and the Intensive Care units.

Astotherm Plus* warms all infusions and transfusions by a dry flow-heating method for daily use.

  • Rapid, safe and highly efficient warming of blood and infusion for daily use
  • Astotube extention line and actively heated profile Astoline available
  • Special groove for rapid insertion of the Astotube extension line and optimum heat transfer
  • Optional heat protection sleeve
  • Triple-independent over temperature cut-out.

The Astotherm Plus can cover over 97% of clinically relevant transfusion and infusion rates.

  • Ready to use in under 60 seconds
  • The fluids are kept in the refrigerator until they are ready for use
  • Actively heated profile Astoline provides active protection against fluids cooling down.

* temporarily not available in Russia